Translation is a bridge between different languages and cultures, and it needs to work efficiently and safely by being accurate and smooth. When your business needs to communicate to the Chinese market, we are here to give you a strong support.


    Chinese language is used daily by one fifth of the world's 5 billion people and the key to open up the vast potential of the far east market. We provide turnkey language translation services to tap into the great opportunities.


When translation precision and cutural sensitiveness are critical matters for your business, feel confident to reach to us to discuss about a turnkey language service solution.


Mandarin Chinese is the official spoken language in People's Republic of China and one of the official languages for Singapore. As one of the working languages of UN, it's spoken by the largest population of the world.


Cantonese is spoken by people in HKSAR & Canto Province of PRC, as well as by a large portion of overseas Chinese communities. Many suggest it would be a separate & different languages instead of a local dialect, but...

Chinese Culture

Chinese culture is rich and splendid with a long history (documented for nearly 5,000 years). People here in China are unique and different from the west and we are proud of our identities as the "descendent of dragon".


We are dedicated to Chinese language translation and put great focus on details!

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We are professional Chinese language translators.

We dedicate in Chinese language (Simplified & Traditional) translation.

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We are a team of best Chinese translators with language certficiates from prestige universities (home and overseas) and strong industry background, well equipped to meet your expectations for linguistic services. .

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