What Language Translation Service Do We Offer?

We offer English<>Mandarin translation and language training services.

Hanwen Translation relies on the rich academic resources of sichuan province and the powerful teachers and students team of sichuan international studies university to provide simultaneous interpretation, interactive interpretation, professional interpretation, professional translation and other translation services for various languages.

The company has nearly 1000 professional translators, many of whom have served in the Beijing Olympic Games, guangzhou Asian games and the 26th summer universiade. The company also has more than a dozen of the most powerful international conference interpreters in south China, each of whom has done more than 400 simultaneous interpretation of large international conferences, with rich social service experience.

The company's strategic orientation is to become a famous language service and translation consulting company in southwest China and a long-term partner of guangdong provincial government departments, public institutions and large enterprises.

ACE CHINESE TRANSLATION provides multi-language, one-stop language solutions to corporate customers worldwide. Its language services mainly include: Translation (multilingual) 1, 2, interpretation (multilingual, simultaneous interpretation, and accompanied by simultaneous interpreters) and equipment rental services. 3, compile, and translation and writing (multi language compilation, translation and writing, copy writing review, market, etc.) 4, typesetting (language and format) 5, website localization and internationalization, website translation, website building, website management and maintenance, etc.) 6, audio-visual translation and production (shorthand, subtitling, dubbing, dictation, and so on) 7, product localization and internationalization (named by product international consulting, brand internationalization, game and APP localization, etc.).

Hanwen Translation Is a company approved by chengdu administration of industry and commerce registration, the government approved a qualified professional translation agencies, headquartered in Shenzhen, was founded in 2004, in yiwu, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing has branch, currently there are 500 mtcsol interpreter, standardization of business process and quality control, has long been dedicated to provide more global professional field, multi-lingual translation service concerning foreign affairs.

We provide professional language support to thousands of customers at home and abroad with perfect service and high quality products. Service scope involving petrochemical, engineering, machinery, aerospace, energy, automobile, law, communication, publishing, exhibition and so on more than 40 professional field, involving customers include city and provincial governments, hanban, national culture, numerous consulate, the international chamber of commerce, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the 10th, the 11th west lake expo, the Shanghai 2010 world expo, petrochina, sinopec, chevron, zhongjian, China railway, China aviation, etc.

Relying on rich industry experience and professional accumulation, hanwen has successfully applied advanced quality management system, informationized knowledge management technology and Internet technology to the whole-process quality management of translation tasks, realized batch processing of tasks and systematic quality control, and become an industrialized language service enterprise serving the world.

Chinese translation service

Language Services

The main language pair is the English<>Chinese translation (https://www.actranslation.com/mandarin/english-chinese.htm). Hanwen also provides you with a professional translations for Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Persian, Thai, Mongolian, Ukrainian, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Czech, polish, Latin, Indonesian and so on more than 40 kinds of languages and hundreds of small languages.

Translation Field

Political, economic, legal, trade, business, IT, computer, network, communication, telecom, electronics, electrical, automobile, machinery, shipbuilding, papermaking, oil, coal, energy, geology, metallurgy, environmental protection, building, bridge, tunnel, water conservancy, electricity, medicine, biology, fishery, auditing, finance, insurance, investment, accounting, finance, taxation, patents, tender, beauty, jewelry, clothing, textile, printing and dyeing, agriculture, medical, food, advertising, literature, art, journalism, publishing, printing, media, chemicals, cosmetics, convention and exhibition, logistics, study abroad, immigration, and tourism, and many other areas of high-end service and translation Localized translation services.

These are the services we offer!


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